Research is music to our ears

video still shot

Our brand new music video, ‘I’ll Care for You‘  highlights important research themes that relate to caring for older Pacific people at the end of life.

The video came out of a Community-based Participatory Research project led by Lisa and Ofa. They asked a focus group of Pacific people what family carers needed to take care of themselves while they cared for others. A work group – Ofa, Lisa and members of the Pacific community – took the research themes identified from the focus group (eg. the significance of spirituality, pitching in to help carers and the need for young people to step up) and turned them into a music video.  A music video is a more relevant resource than a print-based product such as a pamphlet or brochure, for getting the message across to the Pacific community. Malia Hamani and Lata Fale from Treasuring Older Adults were instrumental in making the video happen.

The Valiant Boys created a beautiful song that incorporates the themes. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

“Mama told me u gotta give back to ones that really cared for you.
And always looks out for the ones who was there for you.
Tho sometimes I feel this life just ain’t for me I gotta stand strong and you know I always stay true.”

In addition to being shared in the Pacific community, the video will be used to teach undergraduate and graduate nursing students at the University of Auckland about cultural considerations of care. We’re also making it available for other groups, such as health care professionals, to use for training purposes. If you’d like a copy, hit the share button and then click on ‘original file’ or use the contact page to get in touch. The video comes with a commentary (below) that offers more insight about the needs of Pacific family carers.

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