First stop on my UK tour…Lancaster

Zamok_Lankaster_v_AngliiMerryn writes…

Being on study leave has provided a great opportunity to spread the word about our work and it’s been really pleasing to learn there is so much interest from our international colleagues. On Wednesday, I was invited to present by the International Observatory on End of Life Care, based at Lancaster University. In my talk I reflected on what we’ve learned by conducting our research within a bi-cultural framework. Ultimately I argued that working in this way supports all our work. For example, it prompts us to put relationships at the centre of everything we do, prioritise achieving real world impact for the communities we work with, and be open to different ways of thinking about the world. There was a great discussion afterwards with really interesting reflections from people who attended. We agreed there is a real need within palliative care to think more carefully about what research approaches are valued. Plans were developed to develop these ideas through research symposia and editorials so watch this space!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.04.28 am.png


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