A real-life research outcome: being able to give back



Lisa Williams writes: Here’s a story that points to the unexpected ways that research in the community can affect people’s lives.

One of our research participants involved in our music video project has been going through a hard time and is now working with a social worker. * As a family caregiver, she was instrumental in helping us craft the research themes that informed the video. She generously opened up about her caregiving experiences looking after family members at the end of life. Her contributions have been invaluable.

She happened to share with her social worker her involvement in our research. The social worker said she’d seen the music video and that she knew Ofa Dewes as a well-respected member of the Pacific community. She has invited Ofa to attend a meeting to support our research participant, which Ofa feels privileged to be able to do.

We are pleased to learn that our research is making a difference in a way we never expected.

To learn more about the music video project click here.
*We asked our research participant if we could share her story.



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