Pacific carers need more support

SuimalieA 1 News / Aotearoa Science Agency report about Ofa Dewes’ National Science Challenge looks into the challenges Pacific carers face when caring for dying relatives:

“Most Pacific Islanders in New Zealand spend the end of their lives being cared for by family members who aren’t getting all the help they’re entitled to, a new study has revealed.The study which outlines the challenges facing those who give up their own lives to care for their loved ones.Reverend Suamalie Naisali, who cared for his dying wife, said: “She said to me, ‘I would like to be at home. It is a better place where there is peace, where there is love’.” It was the right decision but it wasn’t easy, as family members gave up study and jobs to provide 24-7 care.While they had a lot of community support, Reverend Naisali says the Government needs to provide financial help for those who don’t.”

Read the full story and watch the video

For more on Pacific carers, have a look on our Resources page at our music video.


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