New video highlights benefits of hospice-care home collaboration

Targeted to managers of residential aged care (RAC) facilities, Rosemary Frey’s new short animation tells the story of why her SHARE initiative improves palliative and end of life care. SHARE stands for Supportive Hospice Aged Residential Exchange, which integrates specialist palliative care and residential aged care services. Based on her research into what RAC staff need to deliver effective palliative care, SHARE’s goals are twofold:

1) to help clinical staff improve palliative care delivery within residential aged care facilities and

2) to improve specialist palliative care nurses knowledge and skill to care for frail older people.

SHARE builds on the strengths of current palliative care practice by combining new learning with what staff members do now. To learn more about the research underpinning SHARE, read Rosemary’s article in Nurse Education and Practice: The Supportive Hospice and Aged Residential Exchange (SHARE) Programme in New Zealand.



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