Host Dr Jackie Robinson interviews Dr Rosemary Frey about her study on how Covid-19 made community palliative care services adapt rapidly and creatively to find new ways of working revising and establishing new policies. The study is comparing the Covid-19 response by hospice in the Community Palliative Care Services in New Zealand and Scotland.

The team on the project: Dr Rosemary Frey, Dr Aileen Collier, Ms Jenny Thurston, Mercy Hospice Auckland and Scottish Researcher (Professor Bridget Johnston, University of Glasgow) are conducting a study adapted from a survey done by Costantini et al (2020):

[1] Costantini, M., Sleeman, K. E., Peruselli, C., & Higginson, I. J. (2020). Response and role of palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic: a national telephone survey of hospices in Italy. Palliative medicine, 34(7), 889-895.


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