How do staff at children’s blood and cancer centres in Aotearoa New Zealand handle the stress and pressure that’s part of the job? Dr Gemma Aburn provides answers to this question in her discussion about her PhD research with podcast host Dr Jackie Robinson. Gemma focuses on aspects of staff resilience that formed a key component of her grounded theory approach.

To learn more about Gemma’s research, have a look at these publications from her PhD thesis:

What is resilience? An Integrative Review of the empirical literature. To use systematic methods to examine how resilience is defined in empirical research.

“We are all a family” Staff Experiences of Working in Children’s Blood and Cancer Centers in New Zealand—A Constructivist Grounded Theory An exploration of staff experiences working in a children’s blood and cancer center in New Zealand, with a particular focus on how staff maintain resilience and carry on working in this difficult area.

Connecting theory with practice: Time to explore social reality and rethink resilience among health professionals To discuss and contrast different theoretical perspectives of resilience and explore the value these bring to understanding health professional well-being.

Reflecting on a journey of resilience in children’s blood and cancer nursing An exploration of Gemma’s experiences of being a children’s oncology nurse and paediatric palliative care nurse specialist in the context of existing empirical and theoretical literature, with a particular focus on how she developed resilience.

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