We’ve added our 22-minute film Manawaroa: Still Going Strong to our Resources page

Funded by an Ageing Well National Science Challenge Grant we produced it in collaboration with our Faculty of Arts colleagues, filmmakers Sarina Pearson, Shuchi Kothari and Peter Simpson and Craig Gainsborough of Gainsborough Films. They worked with a team of young filmmakers to create the five short videos that make up Manawaroa.

Each one tells the story of an older New Zealander, exploring their lives and views on social connectedness, especially across the generations. Meet Whio Hansen, Virinder Aggarawal, Bonnie Horne, Changdong Choi and Rosalie Williams and learn about their rich life experience and present-day involvement in their communities and across the generations. This video is good for prompting discussions on such topics as ageing and ageism, intergenerational social connection and community.

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