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9/5/2018 – Sarah Russell: Real world advance care planning and living with dementia. Sarah explores talking about dying, advance care planning and making decisions whilst living with dementia. She also discusses hospice care and how Hospice UK supports hospices. (49 minutes)

23/4/2018 – Merryn Gott: The limits of community for people dying in advanced age.
Merryn argues that public health approaches to palliative care need to consider how to build social networks for people dying in advanced age and their family and whānau. (6 minutes)  Check out the journal article.

12/4/2018 – Jackie Robinson: Benefits and burdens of hospital admissions and their influence on preferences to return to hospital.
Based on Jackie’s new journal article on the benefits and burdens people associate with receiving palliative care in hospital. (36 minutes)

14/2/2018 – Alex Broom: Bodies and suffering, that draws from his book co-written with Ana Dragojlovic that examines the idea of the suffering body across different cultures and contexts and the experience and treatment of these suffering bodies. (43 minutes)